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Fuel & Fuddle is the joint venture of three friends; Ron Lutz, Jerry DiLembo, and Mike Hanley. Like all beer lovin' Americans we always dreamed of having our own beer. (You too huh?) Being better dreamers than brewers, we decided to let more talented souls do the actual work.

Smuttynose Brewing Company is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  They hand craft a bunch of great beers.  They make two for us in real small batches.

Fuel & Fuddle
Fire Brick Brown Ale
A classic American Brown Ale.  This medium bodied brown ale is smooth and subtle with a touch of hops and a caramel and chocolate finish.  It is an excellent sessions beer. 6.5% ABV.

Fuel & Fuddle
Pumphouse Pale Ale
An American style Pale Ale.  This ale is wonderfully crisp and aromatic.  It is aggressively hopped and balanced with lots of malt. 5.4% ABV.